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Jun. 13th, 2014

i get to the doors downstairs and my fucking boss is slamming into the glass over and over. every so often hitting it with her arms instead...like she can't get in. something is not ok. theres this amazingly long line of drool hanging from her mouth and swaying in time with her head. i am NOT going out there. NOPENOPENOPENOPE.

from behind her i can see another person slowly stumbling over to the door and then finally adding to my boss’s efforts. this is not good. the door may not hold. crap.

I have to go tell Bob.


oh my gosh...i was coming out of the ladies room and all of the sudden one of the sales douches just hurled in front of me. ugh. i managed to dodge out of the way but he is not looing good. i tried to help him up since the department was strangely empty but then he just sort of started grabbing and i said forget it. i’ll call security from my desk.

the day is nigh

So...anyone planning on partaking in this year's BLITEOTW? Its a Friday the 13th! bound to be full of good zombie adventures.

The facebook event is where to post if you're there: https://www.facebook.com/events/348346708572641/

or on twitter its #BLITEOTW14 or just #BLITEOTW

I'm in it again...posting various ways...

Odd substance found

This stuff was found after a laboratory truck crashed on the Guadalajara-Chapala (Mexico) road, when one of the men in it went crazy and bit off somebody's ear. The man was shot by the road police and the others were arrested; two of them were Americans who came from Mexico City, the Mexican guy was from a laboratory at Ciudad Guzman. A physician believes this green substance was the drug that drove him crazy, and we've heard of other odd occurrences even though the local news keep zip about it.

grumbles inside

the morning sky on June 13th

It looks like another weird morning out there....something is going on...


Recap - Crossposted

Originally posted by ellistrae at Recap
I didn't get to post this yesterday evening. There was just too much going on, and when I finally got around to trying it, I had no Internet access. So I just wrote everything down, and I'll just re-type it here.

I want to write down everything that happened since I heard a knock on the door. This was around 11:00AM, give or take. I wasn't exactly focused on checking the time. I was too busy trying to figure out what the heck was going on. Anyway, I heard a knock on the door and looked through the peephole to see my husband standing there, looking extremely anxious. I opened the door and he practically lept into the room, looking around wildly. When I asked him what was wrong, he gripped me tightly by the shoulders and said, "You mean you don't know?" I told him I had no idea what on earth he was talking about, but explained about the strange accident and the behavior of the dogs the previous night. He sat me down on the couch and told me that what he was going to tell me was going to sound completely insane, but that it was 100% true. When I just looked at him expectantly, he finally said, "I don't want to freak you out, but it seems that we're in the middle of some sort of zombie apocalypse." I burst out laughing, but stopped when I realized that he was just looking at me completely seriously.
"You're kidding me, right?" I asked.
"Honey, I wish I was, but I'm not. Let's go outside for a minute, I want to show you something," he said.
"Alright," I said hesitantly.

We stood up and went to the back door. He put a finger to his lips and mouthed, "Be very quiet," to me before opening the door. When we first stepped outside, I didn't see anything. Then I heard a noise that made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. A faint moan floated over from my neighbor's yard, the sound of someone lost. I looked at Todd questioningly and he gave his head one sharp shake, indicating that I should still be quiet. He took my hand and slowly led me toward our neighbor's house. As we inched closer, we could see around the edge of her house. I was stunned by what I saw. My neighbor stood in the middle of her yard, her arms hanging limply at her sides. Her normally neat hair stood up wildly in all directions. A gaping wound in the side of her neck oozed a reddish-black substance. The skin around her eyes was deeply bruised, and she ran her tongue over torn lips, periodically stopping to utter one of the bone-chilling moans that I had heard. Her clothing was torn and filthy. I looked at Todd in total disbelief, and must have made some sort of sound because everything went to hell in a hurry.

Suddenly, my neighbor's head snapped around and her previously distracted gaze fixed on me hungrily. She started towards us in a broken, rolling sort of shuffle, and I started backing away back towards the house. My neighbor had started making an awful sort of snarling noise as she came towards us. Luckily, there is a picket fence separating our properties, and she bumped into it with a thud. Todd ran back into the house, reappearing seconds later with my car keys. "We have to leave, NOW!" he said.
"Why? She can't get to us." I said.
"No," he said, "But they can." Then he pointed. While I had been watching my neighbor, more undead had approached the house, probably drawn by her horrendous noises. There had to be fifteen to twenty of them, and they were starting to amass along the fenceline. We were safe for the moment, but if too many of them accumulated, they would break the fence down just by sheer numbers pressing against it. Todd ran to the garage and opened the back door. I ran back inside quickly, and herded the dogs towards the garage. They didn't want to go, and whined uneasily, tucking their tails between their legs.
"Come on, guys! Let's go for a ride!" I cajoled. Finally, they ran for the garage. Chewy paused to bark frantically at the approaching horde before finally giving up and running for the car. We all piled in and Todd made sure the doors were locked before opening the garage door.

As we backed out, I know for sure we hit several people. Or whatever they were now. I don't know who they were, luckily I did not recognize any of them. We headed down towards the area of our neighborhood where there were mostly condos. It seemed that most of the zombies in the area had been drawn to our house by the commotion, for we hardly saw anyone at all. I did see a blonde child in a bloody purple dress wandering around up on top of the porch of one of the condos, but she paid us no attention. Chewy began to make a high-pitched squealing noise as we passed her, and did not stop for a good five minutes. Ouch, that hurt my ears. I was afraid it would attract the attention of others, but it didn't seem to. I think we just got lucky.

"Where are we going?" I asked Todd.
"Job Corps. It's fenced in. It's the only place I can think of." He replied.
"How will we get out of here?" I said, "The exit is blocked by cars." I pondered for a moment. "Wait a minute. How did you get here?"
"I walked. I had to play hide and seek quite a bit, and had a few close calls, but I made it," he said nonchalantly, but I could see a darkness in his eyes that hadn't been there before. I wondered what he'd seen, what he'd had to do to survive.
"Anyway, I think we can get out at the end of this cul-de-sac down here. We'll have to drive over some grass and a curb or two, but I think we can make it. We sure can't get out the other way."
"Ok, guess we have no other choice," I said.
(This ends the narrative I wrote down last night.)

We made it. Obviously we made it. Otherwise I would not be writing this right now. Last night was indescribable. It was worse than any horror movie I've ever seen. Of course it was, I lived it. We all did. And this morning? Well, let's just say that the military arrived. They're not saying much. They're not saying anything, really. But right now, I'm just too tired to care. I'm sure later on, I'll be furious. I know they have something to do with it. They have to. But they did save us. So that will have to be enough. For now. They say that the undead have gone back to being, well, dead. And the living are left to pick up the pieces. I'm not sure how many lost their lives to the undead. I wonder if all of my friends are still alive. I guess I'll find out. But I promise you this, I will get answers. I don't care what I have to do. Until then...I guess this is the end of my story. I just hope this never happens again.

And yet...I somehow feel like I've been through something like this before. But I can't quite put my finger on it. It's like an itch that you just can't scratch. Or something on the tip of your tongue that you just can't get out. I wonder.....

Oh God....

Oh God.....

Please. Let this be the last time. And let me remember everything tomorrow.

I hear someone coming. They said we were going to be "debriefed".

Oh God..........


Seriously? I fly home from my fathers (blessedly cremated) funeral, only to have THIS happen?! Thank heavens I got the flights back before it started.

I'm in a second-story apartment that has a steel door with a deadbolt, and isn't exactly easily accessible (two flights of concrete stairs, THANK YOU apartment design!). I have a sharpened machete and various other close-range weapons, but for now, the girl and I are being very, very quiet, and hoping that this will be handled soon.

Supplies are low, but I laid in several gallons of water months back, and the cat-waterer is full.

My thoughts go out to all of you, and I hope you are/get someplace safe without incident. I want you all to survive this.

Paper, plastic or zombies?

I guess I'm going to need a zombie icon, at least as long as my connection lasts: it's been spotty, and I wonder just what is going on at the Verizon switching station. Probably more of the same that is going on elsewhere.

I always knew some of my customers were zombies, I just didn't think they were literally zombies. Made it easier to take them out: after all the crap they gave me about how their cat food cans were stacked or where I'd put the bags inside their carriage, I got the chance to give it back to them. In spades. Using a spade. Thank goodness for the garden tools that the produce guy had in stock: they came in handy. Just wish I'd had a chainsaw, I'd have really gone to town!

Learned something from Plants vs. Zombies: throwing cabbages and melons at the walking dead might not splat them, but it will distract them while your co-worker crushes their heads with a metal shovel.

((More here.))

flight and fight

oh god...everything is....terrible. its all kind of blurry, but i think i need to get it out.

we managed to get down the stairwell and out the lobby doors. the glass was all smashed out and there was one thing stumbling around down there, missing a foot. luckily we were able to...


Originally posted by ellistrae at Alarmed
So my dogs woke me up last night around 3-ish, I don't really remember. I was in a dead sleep when I heard the sound of Mojo whining. He hardly ever whines. I hauled myself out of bed and found him pacing around at the top of the stairs. I heard Chewy growling and barking at something downstairs. Indy was quiet, as usual. That dog wouldn't make a peep if his tail were on fire, unless he thought it would get him a treat or some food. I headed downstairs to try to figure out what the heck was going on. Chewy was in the laundry room, staring intently at the doggy door which leads out into the back yard. When I approached, he whined at me and then went back to staring at the door. I thought maybe someone was outside. I retrieved my handgun from the safe, shut off the alarm, and opened the back door after flipping on the outside light. Glancing around, I didn't see anything. I didn't even hear anything. Everything was quiet. Maybe too quiet. I gazed around, examining the fence line. I couldn't see well next to the garage, but the rear light had broken and I hadn't bothered to replace it yet. But as far as I could tell, there was nothing there. The dogs huddled behind me and refused to even come outside. But I had no reason to think anyone or anything was out there, other than the strange behavior of my dogs. And they're pretty weird anyway. So I just assumed it was nothing. I locked up again and went upstairs. I put my gun in the nightstand, just in case. I thought I would have a hard time falling asleep after that, but the next thing I knew, my alarm was going off. Crap, I have to go. I'll write more later, as long as I have Internet service.

geared up and time to go

the office inventory has left me not as well prepared as i would like. the sharpest we have are a few pairs of scissors, but who wants to get that close? One of the offices has a few baseball bats in it (thank god for company softball teams!). Larry and i each have one, aluminum for him, solid hickory for me. good thing I've been working on my...

all by myself....until

about 15 minutes ago there was all this commotion outside the office door. the one that leads into the stairwell is locked all the time, thank god, because someone, or someTHING was trying really damn hard to get in. i had to sneak over to the other door...

the rain is nasty out there...

when i left the house this morning the traffic seemed not so bad, but the closer i got to work it took longer and longer to go through traffic lights. there were even some cars abandoned. I'm also really glad...

the time is nigh....

june 4th already? that means the 13th is right around the corner. Anyone still on LJ and planning on being a part of the festivities this year?

For those looking for this event on facebook, go here to join the group and from there RSVP for the event:



If you're using any other blogspace for this event, be sure to let everyone know!

To quote the CDC, don't be a zombie, be prepared!

You Survived!

Congratulations on surviving yet another Zombie Apocalypse!

I strongly encourage you to join the Facebook GROUP that supports this event each year. It really helps us keep in touch and helps us remind one another when the next event is happening:


You can also sign up for NEXT YEARS BLITEOTW if you are so inclined:


As always, the LJ variant group is here:


...and the Twitter variation can be followed by searching #BLITEOTW or by following the RSS feed:


Stay safe, people!




Too Much Party!

The Conga line's heading for a big tent. I dunno about that, I'm not into raves. And it sounds like they've got a mosh pit going, too. Meh.

I think I'm going to go to the store, I was supposed to get something.

Oh hay!! Two guys in white lab coats are offering an iPad to me!! That's better than this phone! ...I wonder what the net's for?


It's night in Merry Ol' San Bernardino! CONGA LINE!!! WooooOOOHooOO! I wonder if we can get into the world record book because this is the longest conga line I've ever seen! It's been a while since any of the military dudes have been through here, most have joined the party.

Remember folks...

...you just need to be able to make it through the night in one piece. That's the important bit. The cycle will be over for another year in just a few hours and most of you will just forget about all the crap you are enduring presently.

Don't give up. Stay safe.


Armed And Dangerous

Wow, all kinds of soldier peoples! They've been coming in on big damn aircraft and rolling around in big trucks. It's like a parade they didn't organize.

It's a good thing I left the bbq Honda when I did, all these soldiers opened fire and jeeez, guys, just ask for a rib if you want one. How rude, I mean. I was fine with sharing.

I've got a neat iPhone now, I borrowed it from some lady who was screaming her fool head off. Her arm came off with it, I guess I pulled too hard. Anyone need an arm? It's real pretty. Haha I'm ARMED!


Zoombie, The Driving Dead

I think I broke the Honda, which is sad because I had the Droid plugged into it. It was fun while it lasted, though, it went fast!

Dang these people scream! You'd think it was the end of the world. And they had a Honda parked on top of them. They shouldn't have been in the street anyhow. I mean come on. I'm trying to drive here!

Found a Kindle! Ooh. Diary of a Mad Housewife is on here.

Oh, I was going to get bbq, but the car's starting to burn now and that'll work. Anyone got any Chris'n'Pitts???


Afternoon update...

The neighbors were making quite a racket earlier, but they're young people and hearing moans from their side at odd hours of the day isn't uncommon.

The grocery store was pretty empty, not even any staff manning the checkout lanes (mental reminder to talk to the manager about that).  I just went through the self-check lane, got my stuff, and left.  Some weirdos tooling around the parking lot, but I didn't examine them too closely.

I've read some news on the internets about some sort of virus going around, but frankly, I think it's got to be some sort of hoax.  Even so, I'm glad I live in a gated community that keeps those kind of people out. 


Mental note: iPads make bad clubs. They get all gooey and gross and crack. :( Stupid pack of guys tried to take it from me! Who's the 'zombie killit' now?! Huh? Huh?? I found a Droid, it looks really neat, too. Still on the way to the store, I decided I want bbq. OH HAY! Some lady just left her car with the keys in it. It's a nice Honda, too.

back soon...

Things are looking pretty clear out at the moment. I am going to make a break for it and gather supplies. Hopefully will be back online in a couple of hours...


after trying to figure out what on earth was going on, why dont people take better precautions after all we have learned, i finally have the answer (and the answer to why the CDC hasnt been answering most of my letters)

apparently the zombie virus can infect the living. it doesnt change them in to zombies, at least not soon.. but during the "active breeding phase" or outbreak cycle, the host becomes aggressive, and more prone to spread the virus.. however the virus COULD be spread at any time trough body fluids.

after death the infected will re - animate during this phase to spread the virus.. for so long as the body can be moved.

hyper infected hosts (high volume of virus) will essentially "zombify" in place.

after the breeding phase is over the living infected demonstrate short term memory loss, which is why they DONT REMEMBER previous outbreaks.

a handful of people appear to be immune or resistant to the virus.
~~~ end summary~~~

sadly many of the survivors of prior outbreaks are now infected.
which means that they are less than helpful right now

now, what can i add to this?

Severely infected living carriers are immensely attracted to/hostile to uninfected persons, as are the re-animated hosts. they attack them by preference.

moderately infected carriers are also attracted to uninfected humans, but usually in a sexual fashion.. (which also spreads the virus)

uninfected individuals can therefore be recognized because they are *attracting* the infected.
an uninfected individual can also easily bait the infected into traps.

The re-animated individuals, as i discussed last year, are easily killed by/injured by salt. they take FAR more damage from being shot with rock salt than normal shotgun pellets.. and now i know why... it disrupts the electromagnetic resonance that is the *communication band* of the virus....

this is why a line of salt will often stop the zombies.. they cant "hear" you across the salt. mind you, they also cant "hear you" across an EMF cage... but the salt will also injure them if it gets into their system, and most re-animates have injured feet anyway.

the down side is that infected living carriers will have no trouble seeing you, and crossing a line of salt to get to you.

extremely high salt levels in blood appear to prevent transmission under "casual" conditions.. but can be dangerous to the individual...as the levels of salt needed to ward off infection can be toxic.

An immediate treatment for a bite or blood splash may well prove to be what i was doing last year.. a extreme saline solution rinse/bath.

NOTE: in lab conditions, zombie blood was still showing active response after being treated with a dilute bleach solution. (similar to a weak bleach wash on surfaces) i suggest using a STRONG bleach solution to wash any spills,

in lab conditions a weak salt solution reduced activity dramatically, but full saturation solution of salt in water OBLITERATED all action in a test sample.

Black Monday the 13th

Heard the rumors about the city.  I'm not taking any chances.  I'm rounding up my family and getting the hell out of Dodge.  But I definitely need to stop at a KFC on the way.  I need to hold off that craving for... maybe forever!  As silly as that sounds, just come up to me and ask me where you can find a Twinkie in a few months and I'll tell you to build a time machine.  With my last post, I'm going to leave you a link to a favorite video of mine.  It's been debated whether it's racist or not.  I don't think race will matter much soon (unless you're undead).  Not much is going to matter soon except for survival.  Anyway, I'll be doing this victory dance once I get my KFC.  We need to hold onto whatever victory we can get for now.  Good luck everyone!  (Good luck KFC guy!)

BLITEOTW: seriously weird day

once i found out that school was cancelled i went back to bed, and of course utterly failed to get a nap.
i dont nap well.
so i keep getting disturbed by the dog going off, and some one outside banging things.. which i thought was just the neighbors construction folks (they had a fire and are gutting and re doing their kitchen)

but when i went downstairs for lunch the front porch was trashed and someone had half ripped off the board on our front window!
(our front window is boarded over, kids kept throwing rocks through it and we cant afford to replace it again)

they really damaged our front window.
meanwhile of COURSE no one is around to have seen anything. even teh construction guys seem to have taken the day off.
and a neighbor left his car outside double parked, door open and radio blaring.
i hate this neighborhood

What a Lovely Day

Oooh I see why people love their iPads so much. This one belongs to some girl, she fell running from me, dunno why. I'm just borrowing it, you'd think I'd shoved her to the ground and tore her precious toy from her hands. I mean, she totally tripped running away. I'm sitting on her back to keep her there so I can give it back.

I DO wish she'd stop screaming.

It's a lovely day but I still haven't made it to the store. I can't remember what I was going to get, but I'm sure I'll remember once I get there.

So I work in a Public Health Lab...

The parking lot was pretty empty when I got to work this morning. And traffic was a snarling nightmare.

Also, it seems that training I got last week for running the PCR to run Flu, Pertussis and H1N1 will pay off. It's all hands on deck, there is a HUGE influx of patient samples, which is odd.

We've also had several announcements about remembering to not let anyone without a badge into the building. I mean, thank goodness the doors are locked, but there are a few more people wandering around than normal. I think they're from Fircrest that we share the property with. I mean, it has a few loonies over there.

Blog Like the End of the World

Woke up this morning feeling more awake than I normally do.  Maybe it'll be a good day today?

Work so far has been strangely... dead.  Not many clients calling and a lot of of busy signals / ringing forever when I call on clients.  Guess it must just be a case of the Mondays.

The cats are all angry this morning too, hissing and picking fights for each other.  They have plenty of food in the bowl, so I don't know what's up with them today.


Stupid Media

I am doing satellite uplinks for ABC, MSNBC, and two for Fox today... and not even ONE of them has to do with the Zombie Apocalypse. WTF?


Vaguely Awake

I have a large bruise on my forehead, and I don't know why. Talk about a fuzzy thought process. I think I'll walk to the store to get cigs. Get some fresh air and exercise.


Jun. 13th, 2011

Woke with a strange headache today. Mind is foggy and body achy. I'll be in the middle of something and then forget what I'm doing. Took some aspirin. Hopefully that will help.

Damn I hate Mondays...

...it is pretty much impossible to tell my cow-orkers from the zombies.

(It's a very good day to be locked behind an inch of bullet-proof glass...)



so i sweat blood, and stay up half the night to finish my final project for class today, and the emergency alert says "school is closed today"
they dont even say why? probably more electrical issues, we have been having them all month, but i could have gotten SLEEP!

Zombie Plague Facts to date:


Small Favors...

One of the best things about working early mornings is that when the zombie apocalypse happens, most of the reanimated type zombies are still trying to dig themselves out from under...


Personal Zombie Research History


grey skies and gloomy outlook

the night is grey and cold here up in the MetroWest. i keep looking out the sliding glass window and feel a certain sense of...unrest. but i cant see past the fence or the bird feeder. no birds around, but still, it swings back and forth on the hanger.

the news has been nothing but reports of this country beating on that country, or all the strange weather, the crazy tornadoes. i turn off the TV.

i guess i'll go upstairs and try to read or something before i go to bed. tomorrow is a big day after all. lots of meetings.

i hope this weird feeling goes away....



So, will we be doing this again this year?


It's brilliantly bright and warm today, between that and the chickens, the boric acid, it looks like a death knell for the centipedes. I'm guessing whoever 'modified' those damn things has a fix for it, there's hundreds of lab coat guys all along the highways and freeways stopping cars and giving shots out.

Meaning these guys will have vanished by nightfall, like last time. But at least this cuts down on the amount of zombies we have to clean up.

I'm pretty sure Mel and Sean were bitten, that whole humid in Florida thing lends itself to bugs. Probably got her when she was in the pool, too, the bastards. It's always so horrible to think of a friend as a mindless, soulless zombie.

Not too many others seem to have made it. Here's hoping they're in large enough chunks for the restorative or whatever it is will help them.

Meanwhile, I've got a hell of a mess of zombie bits and bug poison to clean up. The chicken round up will likely take weeks, if not months, and I'll be damned if I'm going to eat any centipede eating chook for a long while.

(And I really do have zombie remains to clean up, the dog wasn't all that thrilled with the noodle 'guts'. Picky mutt. Thanks for the fun!)

thank you for playing!

So glad that we got a decent turnout for this again. I'm looking forward to next year since it will be on monday and getting to my computer will be easier once i'm trapped in the office. hahhaa.

everyone had some great narratives!

I created next year's event on facebook again:

feel free to RSVP and spread the word!

364 days and counting!


Aerial Calvalry

Really close call. A carload of zombies came crashing through our gate and were lumbering towards the house before we realized what happened. Flaming zombies, my favorite flavor. My pulse is still racing. I thought they'd gotten the dog, but she held her own while we managed the rest with shotguns and a chain saw. Neighbor kid had the chain saw, damn thing's almost as big as he is, but he handled it well. Ran over to rescue Lucky.

Got the gate back up and the power back on. Our older son finally called, he's holed up at his work with the grandparents. It's a home improvement store, so they're loaded for bear with bug poison and power tools.

Back to the air raid sirens, though. The Guard decided to supplement the chickens with malathion spraying helicopters. I think malathion, maybe just boric acid, it turns out centipedes are pretty sensitive to drying out. It's still unnerving to see wings of copters flying low with their lights blaring. I expect to hear 'Ride of the Valkyries' as they pass.

More and more zombies are starting to lumber down the streets, it's become this grisly game of whack-a-mole. We're hearing about more carloads of zombies, probably people running west that didn't realize they were carrying the bugs or had been bitten.

My turn to sleep. I'm praying for us all.


 Made it off the highway..not much action so far. I've only had to use the crossbow a couple of times, ( i brought my good knife, and have been collecting materials so I can make more arrows when find a good place to hole up) Got a text message from the fam. They made it out of the city and are holed up in a warehouse in the no-mans land outside of the city. I have just enough power left on my gps/cell phone to get there. I've seen some healthy deer around, when I meet up with them I want to shoot one, hopefully we'll have some way to cook it.

I see a light in the distance, I hope it's them. . . the sun is down...I'm afraid to use my light....and i think i can hear something crashing in the bushes...

Chicken Army

Yeah. So, chickens eat bugs, the rogue centipedes are bugs, thus release every cooped and free ranged chook into the fray. This is considerably less cool than Dr. Jones flapping his brolly at seagulls and then quoting Charlemange after downing an enemy plane with the birds.

There's a problem with this brilliant solution. Chickens will eat until they faint, sure, but they also roost when it gets dark. The centipedes - good Coyote, who is bringing them in here?! Carloads of zombies (hurrr zoombies) packing them up in lieu of luggage and hitting the 210 freeway?? The bugs are sluggish and half dead in the heat, but it cools off at night.

The other problem is the centipedes manage to bite the chickens. Soon enough, chicken zombie. The other chooks will peck the zombie hen to pieces, but I fear soon enough every other chicken out there is going to be a walking unfrozen dinner.

I brought my chickens in when I realized that the centipedes were able to bite back, put them in their coops. I've ran about a ton of Boric acid and diatomaceous earth around the property, enough bug poison to choke a pony.

So far, not too many zombies. Nothing that couldn't be handled with dogs and shotguns. Everyone's staying inside and tense. Watches are set up. I need to find out centipede habits.

The air raid sirens are firing. What the hell now?

Still here... barely

BLITEOTW#4: We fought another wave off when the clouds rolled in again- the carnage... the carnage is... I'd describe it, but I am without words.
I think its the power plant that is keeping them here... maybe they're attacted to the radioactive pools? Or maybe the barracades around CR is keeping them from shifting south? I don't know.

Thank goodness for Andy, Chad, and serious power tools. Jeanie got a text through a few hours ago, and it seems Alanna made it to her tribe safely. We haven't lost anyone yet- though its been a close thing once or twice. Night's coming soon... I'm not sure how much longer the internet is going to hold out. So to all of you out there reading this -
"Cry God for Harry, England and St George!"

Oh What A Wonderful Day

Yeah, the beautiful blue sky and puffy clouds was rudely interrupted this afternoon by a SMELL. Not skunk, but a smell I haven't smelled in a while. Careful investigation revealed my chickens going nuts on bugs up by the front fence. Could they be centipedes, we don't get them in California? They seem pretty lethargic, probably the sun and heat. The chooks are grabbing them so quick I can't get a good shot of them.

But then there was this:

This can't be good.

I couldn't find the rest of it.

I'm guessing people fleeing across the desert have brought them out here. THANKS. No really.

Gads, I should have known something was up when all the florescent "green friendly" bulbs blew out at the same time this morning.

We're pulling out the artillery and electrifying the fences. How's everyone else out there?


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